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Save energy & money with a customized energy management plan with SMART ATS RENTALS.

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24/7 on-call

 SMART ATS RENTALS has a 24/7 emergency answering service that coordinates with our on-call technicians to respond to any afterhours issues that may occur.

Project Level Modifications 

Smart ATS Rental engineers and technicians are experts in managing power control system upgrade projects that result in class-leading performance.

Automatic Transfer Switch Sizing

offer site preparation and planning to help you determine what size switch you will need to meet your needs and the best way to plan for that.


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to fit your needs.

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How does an automatic transfer
switch work?

          An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a self-acting, intelligent power switching device governed by dedicated control logic. The principal purpose of an ATS is to ensure the continuous delivery of electrical power from one of two power sources to a connected load circuit (electrical equipment – lights, motors, computers, etc.).


          The control logic or automatic controller is typically microprocessor-based and constantly monitors the electrical parameters (voltage, frequency) of primary and alternate power sources. Upon failure of the connected power source, the ATS will automatically transfer (switch) the load circuit to the other power source (if it is available). As a general rule, most automatic transfer switches seek connection to the primary power source (utility) by default and will only connect to the alternate power source (engine-generator, backup utility) when required (primary source failure) or requested to do so (operator command).


How Do Automatic Switches Benefit Your Business?

A transfer switch does a lot for your business, increasing assurance and productivity. When you choose the right switch to meet your needs, you’ll gain:

  • Power reliability. If for any reason at all you lose access to power, your business stops dead in its tracks. And while a generator can mitigate this a bit, without a transfer switch you have to manually connect your generator to the operations you wish to restore. This chore not only eats up loads of time, resulting in downtime, it also limits the function of your generator.

  • Safety. Handling any source of power at all can yield detrimental results. Employees can be harmed by a sudden outage, and handling a manual generator hookup can be disastrous—especially in the dark! A transfer switch handles all of your needs all on its own, removing the dangers associated with an outage entirely.

  • Simplified operations. Upon the installation of your automatic transfer switch, specific operations are chosen to be automatically powered. This can be everything from your lights, to HVAC systems, industrial equipment, or even refrigerators. This process drastically simplifies restoring power and improves the function of your generator as well.

Available Products 

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200A, 3000A, 800A Models

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